Hertsmere Local Plan

Many local residents are concerned about the Borough Council’s Local Plan

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While the Local Plan seeks to identify sites across Hertsmere for future housing and employment opportunites, please bear in mind that at present there is no agreement nor a definite proposal for mass development in or near South Mimms.  It is however true that three sites, primarily to the west/north west of the village, have been submitted to Hertsmere Borough Council by landowners and developers for consideration for housing/employment under the Local Plan procedure.  There are also a more widely dispersed number of other sites, some quite sizeable, included in the potential sites document.  You can see the sites under consideration here – South Mimms is covered in section 9 from page 137.

Not all sites submitted will need to be allocated and in the current phase Hertsmere are looking at which are the most appropriate locations across the whole Borough that could be developed. Hertsmere should publish their draft Local Plan proposals in 2020 but no more specific date has been set yet.

The Parish Council is taking a keen interest in all stages of the Local Plan and will represent the views of the local residents at every consultation opportunity